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Sie kommen, um Ihr Netzwerk zu erweitern, zu lernen und sich mit Gleichgesinnten zu SaaS-Themen auszutauschen.

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Round Table

Frauke von Polier

Chief People Officer @ Viessmann

AI tools in marketing - more than just a new trend

OpenAI has really stirred up the content world with things like ChatGPT, DALL-E or GPT-3. These tools are definitely not a trend, but will drastically change the way we produce and consume content on the internet. I'll show you what's currently possible, the advantages and disadvantages of the technology and, of course, tools that you can use directly yourself.


Dr. Katja Nettesheim

Founder & CEO @ Culcha

Guide to fundraising early stage venture capital

This masterclass aims to prepare you for a pre-seed, seed and Series A fundraise. We'll cover what's important for founders to know when pitching an early stage business to investors, and what common characteristics there are in successful fundraises. We'll dive deeper into how to shortlist relevant investors and how to run a process as a resource constrained startup. Hosted by Lina Chong, Investment Director at Target Global.

Round Table

Dominic Klingberg

Sales Mgr. & Reg Sales Lead @ Pleo

Brand & Demand: 5 Success Strategies for your Enterprise SaaS Marketing after Series A

Enterprise SaaS Marketing is in a league of its own. In this master class you will learn which success strategies you can use to win them. You will hear which channels work (and why), how to build a modern marketing team and what role brand, partner marketing and the sales team play in this. Because SaaS marketing is so much more than just raking in leads. Julia is a passionate SaaS Marketing Leader and shares her learnings and practical tips to help you successfully implement these strategies.


Benjamin Ludigs

Chief Marketing Officer @ Fielmann

"Sell me this pen!" - How to hire the right sales talent for your team

Great sales people always find a new job. How do you make sure that they will choose you? This masterclass will cover (a) how you create a positive candidate experience and (b) how to implement a hiring process to identify talent and not get blinded by swaggers.

More activities are to be announced soon!